ABO membership is valid
for one year from the date of joining
and needs to be renewed every year.

How to update your ABO membership?
Check out the sequential steps!

Step 1:
Go to “www.amway.my”,
click on the profile icon
and click “Log In”

Step 2:
Choose to enter
email or phone number,
or ABO number,
then click “Sign In”

Step 3:
Click the profile icon,
then click “My Account”

Step 4:
Select “Account Management”,
then click “Renewal”

Step 5:
Click “Group Renewal Consent”,
then select “Agree”
to let the upline to renew
the contract on his/her
own behalf.

Step 6:
Click “Auto-Renewal”,
then choose to agree to authorize
Amway to automatically
renew every year,
and complete the online update!