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Sign up Amway Loyalty Program (ALP)
to enjoy the convenience of
using your credit or debit card
to purchase selected products
on regular orders
for six consecutive months.

You will be charged the original price
of the product for the first month,
and then enjoy a 2.5% discount on purchases
from the 2nd to the 5th month.

In addition, you can enjoy a 40% discount
on the purchase price
during the last month (6th month).
All orders will be delivered
to your door for free.

Sign up for the Amway Loyalty Program today
to enjoy its benefits!
The Amway Loyalty Program saves you
from the hassle of
re-ordering your favorite products!

Step 1:
Go to “”,
click on the profile icon
and click “Log In”

Step 2:
Choose to enter
email or phone number,
or ABO number,
then click “Sign In”

Step 3:
Click on the Options
in the upper left corner

Step 4:
Click on “Shop”

Step 5:
Click on “ALP”

Step 6:
Select the product you want
and click “Add to ALP”

Step 7:
Click on “Auto Renewal”,
let the system automatically
renew after six months,
then click “Create New Profile”
(If you want to buy other products
with ALP in the future,
you can add them to the same Profile
to facilitate receipt

Step 8:
Fill in the required information,
and bind to a bank account

Step 9:
Click to agree
to the ALP contract terms,
then click “Next”
to complete the sign up