Amway will issue monthly bonus
before the 15th of each month,
and never-overdue
automatic transfer of bonus
to your bank account!
At the same time, you will also receive
an email notification from Amway

Hurry up and bind
your bank account information
and get ready to receive
monthly continuous passive income

Step 1:
Go to “”,
click on the profile icon
and click “Log In”

Step 2:
Choose to enter
email or phone number,
or ABO number,
then click “Sign In”

Step 3:
Click the profile icon,
then click “My Account”

Step 4:
Select “Payment Management”,
then click
“Payment – Bank Account”

Step 5:
Click “Configure Bank Account”

Step 6:
Select your bank, then fill in
your bank account details
and click “Save”

Step 7:
Select the way to obtain
One Time Password (OTP),
then click “Next”
to complete the process