First time online shopping
to experience products.

How to shop online?
Check out the sequential steps!

Welcome to enjoy your first online shopping,

Step 1:
Go to “”,
click on the profile icon
and click “Log In”

Step 2:
Choose to enter
email or phone number,
or ABO number,
then click “Sign In”

Step 3:
Find the product name
or product code you want to buy
Example: Protein 900g (Product Name)
or 122594 (Product Code)

Step 4:
After selecting the quantity,
click “Add to Cart”

Step 5:
View your shopping cart
to check the list

Step 6:
Please confirm the details
(Name and address)

Step 7:
After confirming
the information and list,
click “Proceed to Order”

Step 8:
Choose your payment method
and click “Pay Now”
After completing the payment,
you will receive
an email or SMS notification
with the order
information and number

The last thing is to wait for your
online shopping products
to be delivered to your home!
Happy shopping~